PsychMed is the leading provider of Ketamine infusions in the NYC Tri-State Area with locations in Manhattan, Great Neck, White Plains, Pearl River and Tenafly, NJ.

Our team of psychiatrists and anesthesiologists provide direct care, and are pioneers in the use of Ketamine for the treatment of refractory mood disorders, PTSD and chronic pain.

For Yourself

Are you frustrated about chronic depression that isn’t getting better despite aggressive treatment with antidepressants and/or psychotherapy? Do you have problems tolerating the side effects of antidepressant medication? If you feel that your antidepressant treatment is not either not working, or not working well enough, then you may be an excellent candidate for treatment with Ketamine.

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For a Loved One

Do you know someone who has been struggling with depression despite ongoing treatment with medication and/or psychotherapy? Do you know someone who has difficulty tolerating the side effects of their antidepressant medication to the point where they no longer want to take them? If so, they may be an excellent candidate for Ketamine therapy.

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For Professionals

We work directly with mental health and primary care clinicians who are looking to refer patients for treatment with Ketamine. Our goal is that referring clinicians maintain clinical contact with their patients before, during and after treatment with Ketamine. Maintaining the primary clinical relationship is key ensuring that a continuum of care is kept, and that patients feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

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