What Can I Expect During My Infusion?

We are here to help make your Ketamine Infusion Therapy goes as smoothly as possible. Read below for tips and more information on what to do before, during & after your Ketamine infusion.

  1. On the day of the Ketamine infusion, please do not eat or drink anything 2-4 hours prior to the infusion.
  2. Upon arrival to the surgicenter, you will be greeted by staff and given paperwork to fill out.
  3. Following that, you will be guided to the Surgi Suite where the infusion will take place.
  4. An IV will be started and you will be given Oxygen throughout the procedure. You will also be monitored the whole time by continuous EKG, blood pressure and respiration monitors.
  5. A typical infusion usually lasts about 45 – 60 minutes.
  6. A minority of patients feel slightly nauseous following the infusion, in which case you may receive anti-nausea medication. This usually resolves quickly. Wearing eyeshades during the infusion may prevent this.
  7. Following the infusion, you should be accompanied home by someone as you may feel tired.
  8. You may resume a normal diet and continue to take any prescription medications.
  9. Our recommendation is to remain calm and relaxed for the rest of the day!

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